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Summer 2017

All Classes Are Full for Summer 2017

How to Get on Our Waiting List

Please feel free to call Swim Ranch on Sunday after 12:00 PM at 479.521.2932, starting May 28th, to get on our weekly waiting list.

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We're looking forward to seeing ya'll again this summer!

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To leave a change of address, please use the contact form to send us an email. Please give your old address and the new one. Thank you!

What is your rain-out policy? Do you offer a makeup?

We will provide a makeup lesson ONLY if we cancel your child’s class. If you do not come to class, and we go ahead and swim, we do not provide a makeup time for that missed class.

In the event of rain, please go ahead and drive to Swim Ranch for your lesson. Often it is raining in nearby areas, but not at Swim Ranch. If we have to cancel the class, we will inform you at that time when your makeup class will be held.

If it is rainy or cold, please bring a BIG towel, sweatpants, and a hooded sweatshirt for your swimmer; they will be cold once they get out of the water.. It is important to keep your child’s head warm to prevent them getting chilled … hooded sweatshirts or stocking caps feel TERRIFIC! 🙂

Makeup classes typically begin at 6pm; therefore, you may want to keep your evening schedule clear the week of your lesson so you are free to return for the makeup. In the event of numerous rain-outs, we will be forced to extend makeup classes into the following week. This is fairly rare, but it is a consideration when planning your schedule.