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Summer 2017

All Classes Are Full for Summer 2017

How to Get on Our Waiting List

Please feel free to call Swim Ranch on Sunday after 12:00 PM at 479.521.2932, starting May 28th, to get on our weekly waiting list.

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What is the best type of suit for my swimmer?

Guidelines for boys’ suits:
• All boys’ suits should fall ABOVE the knee.
• Longer suits inhibit kicking and climbing in/out of the pool.
• Longer suits create “drag,” making it more difficult for boys to swim well, and very difficult for older boys to swim fast enough to pass their timed swim skills.
• Avoid pockets, which act as a “parachute,” filling with water and slowing your swimmer down.
• Tighter fitting is always better.

Guidelines for girls’ suits:
• Please purchase one-piece suits with higher neckline for all girls (competitive style).
• Avoid low cut or V-cut fronts, particularly for older girls.
• Avoid two-piece suits for swimming lessons. The tops come up, bottoms come down; this is no fun for anyone.