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Stop! New Swimmer Registration Options Have Changed.

Please read below before doing anything else.

  • All afternoon classes for Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Senior are full.☹️
    Please DO NOT drive out to Swim Ranch or try to call to register for these classes.

    Instead, if you are interested in any of these classes, please get on our weekly waiting list by calling 479-521-2932 after 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoons starting June 2.

  • Water Babies classes are also full, but we might be able to open up additional sessions. This will be determined later in May. 🤔
    Please DO NOT drive out to Swim Ranch about these classes, but feel free to call the Swim Ranch @ 479-521-2932 with your questions. If there is no answer, please leave a message, and we will return your call.

    If you are interested in getting on our waiting list for possible Water Babies classes: Starting April 27 please click on CONTACT and send us an email with:
    • Parent’s name,
    • Child’s name,
    • Child’s age,
    • Phone number;
    • And indicate that you are interested in Water Babies.

Waiting List:

If the lane/class you are interested in is full, please feel free to call Swim Ranch at 479.521.2932 on each Sunday after 12:00 PM after classes have started, to get on our waiting list for the upcoming week.

We will provide a makeup lesson ONLY if we cancel your child’s class. If you do not come to class, and we go ahead and swim, we do not provide a makeup time for that missed class.

In the event of rain, please go ahead and drive to Swim Ranch for your lesson. Often it is raining in nearby areas, but not at Swim Ranch. If we have to cancel the class, we will inform you at that time when your makeup class will be held.

If it is rainy or cold, please bring a BIG towel, sweatpants, and a hooded sweatshirt for your swimmer; they will be cold once they get out of the water.. It is important to keep your child’s head warm to prevent them getting chilled … hooded sweatshirts or stocking caps feel TERRIFIC! 🙂

Makeup classes typically begin at 6pm; therefore, you may want to keep your evening schedule clear the week of your lesson so you are free to return for the makeup. In the event of numerous rain-outs, we will be forced to extend makeup classes into the following week. This is fairly rare, but it is a consideration when planning your schedule.

Your swimmer must be free from fever or diarrhea for at least 24 hours before they can swim at Swim Ranch.

Please call Swim Ranch ASAP (521-2932) if your child is not well and do not bring your child to class.
(We do not read email until the evening, so please call instead.)

Your swimmer will be in close contact with other children and the instructors and we don’t want to share the illness, not to mention the fact that when not feeling well, your child will be miserable in the water.

We will put your swimmer on our “Sick & Injured List” and will do our best to find a makeup time later in the summer. If your child misses the whole week, we will put him/her at the top of our “Waiting List” for an opportunity to fill any cancellations we have later in the summer. Because it requires a cancellation in your child’s particular lane, we cannot guarantee an opening for your swimmer; however, we will do our best to help you get all 5 lessons completed.

The pool is heated all summer, so the swimmers are warm in the water. However, if it is rainy or cold, please bring a BIG towel, sweatpants, and a hooded sweatshirt for your swimmer; they will be cold once they get out of the water.. It is important to keep your child’s head warm to prevent them getting chilled … hooded sweatshirts or stocking caps feel TERRIFIC! 🙂


As with most events, things are much more complicated than they appear, and sometimes it helps to have an explanation about our phone policy.

When patrons arrive at Swim Ranch and are registering, we cannot answer the phone, otherwise those customers who are physically present will stand there and watch as we take one phone call after another, registering child upon child in front of them. For the first several days, we are working 15-hour days and have a constant stream of customers waiting to register; therefore, the phone cannot be answered. Because of the long hours, we are unable to spend several additional hours each day responding to voice-mail messages.

If you are unable to come to Swim Ranch, often a friend might be willing to come to Swim Ranch in your place.

We have picked the brains of many, many IT experts, most of whom think they could easily write a program that would enable us to do this online. However, once we begin to explain the specifics of what is required, every one of them has said, “You are much better off doing this the way you are doing it. It would be very difficult, and very expensive, for us to try to solve this issue.”

We have never been able to figure out a way to make it 100% equitable for all involved, but we continue to brainstorm and maybe one day we will figure it out.

Thank you all for your continued patronage. We constantly strive to serve our customers well and continue to work toward solutions that benefit our families.

Guidelines for boys’ suits:
• All boys’ suits should fall ABOVE the knee.
• Longer suits inhibit kicking and climbing in/out of the pool.
• Longer suits create “drag,” making it more difficult for boys to swim well, and very difficult for older boys to swim fast enough to pass their timed swim skills.
• Avoid pockets, which act as a “parachute,” filling with water and slowing your swimmer down.
• Tighter fitting is always better.

Guidelines for girls’ suits:
• Please purchase one-piece suits with higher neckline for all girls (competitive style).
• Avoid low cut or V-cut fronts, particularly for older girls.
• Avoid two-piece suits for swimming lessons. The tops come up, bottoms come down; this is no fun for anyone.